Tempstar Equipment Discontinuance

Memo: 09/24/2018

We initiated negotiations with Tempstar in the Spring of this year hoping to reach a price point competitive for you, our loyal customers. We also set a goal of reaching a cost from Tempstar which would provide Star AC Supply the profit level needed to supply the customer service level you deserve. Lastly, we knew it had to be a price supplying Tempstar the profit level they believe they need. When it became apparent our negotiation was at an impasse, Star AC Supply and Tempstar recently made the tough, mutually agreed upon decision to dissolve our distribution agreement at the end of this year. There are no hard feelings on the part of either. We have enjoyed our relationship with Tempstar, especially the lasting friendships, and wish them the best in their future endeavors in our marketplace.

Our next goal is to supply you quality equipment in stock, competitively priced, and backed by the superior customer service setting us apart all the years we have enjoyed serving you in North Texas. We will not rush into the next partnership to make sure we meet the criteria stated above, but will from time to time keep you informed.

Our customers and business partners can reach us for any questions concerning this change in the following ways:

Dallas Location: 214-227-7665
Arlington Location: 817-935-9765

As always, we at Star AC Supply thank you for our relationships with you, your trust, your business, and your patience as we continue to grow to meet all our customer’s needs.


Troy Sterk